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Nerlynx (neratinib) is a medication indicated for the adjuvant treatment of adult patients with early-stage HER2 positive overexpressed/amplified breast cancer.

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What is Nerlynx (neratinib)?

Nerlynx (neratinib) is indicated for adult patients with early-stage HER2 positive (human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 positive) overexpressed/amplified breast cancer, as an extended adjuvant treatment to follow previous adjuvant trastuzumab-based therapy1,2.

How does Nerlynx (neratinib) work?

The HER2 proteins are receptors controlling the growth, multiplication, and reparation of cells. In some cases, a genetic defect can lead to overproduction of the protein which results in the uncontrolled production of cancer cells, including cancerous breast cells4,5.

Nerlynx (neratinib) is a kinase inhibitor, an agent that interferes with the activation of proteins. Neratinib, the active ingredient of Nerlynx, targets the HER2 protein on breast cancer cells to block the cancer from growing2,3.

Where has Nerlynx (neratinib) been approved?

Nerlynx (neratinib) was approved for the treatment of patients with early-stage HER2-overexpressed/amplified breast cancer, to follow adjuvant trastuzumab-based therapy by:

  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA), USA, on July 17, 20171
  • European Medical Agency (EMA), European Union, on August 31, 20182.

Please note that this medicine may have also been approved in other regions than the ones we’ve listed. If you have a question about its approval in a specific country feel free to contact our support team.

How is Nerlynx (neratinib) taken?

The recommended dose of Nerlynx (neratinib) is1,2:

  • 240 mg (6 tablets) taken once daily with food.

The treatment should be started within a year of finishing treatment with trastuzumab and should be taken continuously for one year2.

Dose interruption, reduction, and/or discontinuation may be required based on individual safety and tolerability1,2.

Complete information about Nerlynx (neratinib) dosage and administration can be found in the official prescribing information listed in our resources section1,2.

Note: Please consult with your treating doctor for personalised dosing. 

Are there any known side effects or adverse reactions of Nerlynx (neratinib)?

Common adverse reactions

The most common adverse reactions listed in the prescribing information include1,2:

  • diarrhoea
  • nausea
  • abdominal pain
  • fatigue
  • vomiting
  • stomatitis (sore, inflamed mouth).

Use in specific populations

Nerlynx (neratinib) can be fatal for a fetus, it is advised to avoid pregnancies and breastfeeding.

For a comprehensive list of side effects and adverse reactions please refer to the official prescribing information1,2.

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Buy Nerlynx (neratinib) online

buy Nerlynx (neratinib) online


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